Alternate Split Ring Hand Ring Method

Diagram & Instructions by Sabina Carden-Madden
©Paradise Treasures, October 2005

With the discussion of different types of Split Rings posed by Georgia in the Online Tatting Class. I decided to diagram what I use when I fancy not using either the Ann Orr method of removing the hand ring from the hand and turning the whole work over or the Judi Banashek "Dead Spider Method".

This method allows me to leave the hand ring in place and just move the core for the second side of the split ring up and over the back side of the middle finger without removing the ring from my pinch. Simply reach under the thread that runs across your palm with your middle finger and lift it up. I let the hand ring thread then fall off my pinkie for more control and tensioning. The existing thread moves behind the core thread to be worked.

When I close the ring, I just let the thread back down off my middle finger and close the ring as I would a split ring normally.

Knowing how to do a method more than one way can make it easier on your hands when you need to be. I hope this method helps someone who was not able to make use of the dead spider method (my preferred method by the way) beacuse of arthritis or other handicap. I know it has helped me keep tatting when my hands would rather not cooperate:)

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Created October 3, 2003