Riet Surtel's Beaded Dimple Cross
©Riet Surtel, 2004

Cross with the technic of Jane Eborall


You need : 2 shuttles , the size you like the most
28 beads that fits with the thread.

Ds = double stitch
R = ring
Ch = chain
SR = split ring
--- = big picot
- = small picot>br> Big black dot = a set

Set is : 5 first half of Ds, bead, 5 second half of DS.

Small blue dot = start with mock picot on paperclip.

Big blue line is big picot , it is horizontal 6 Ds, when ready The length is 3 ds Small blue line is small picot, it is horizontal 4 Ds

When ready, the length is 2 DS.

1,3,5 and 7 are chains

2,4,6 are rings.

8,9,10 are split rings

11 is a tail made of sets without a bead.

Wind your shuttles with on shuttle 1, 18 beads and on shuttle 2, 10 beads.(Tip: Put on each shuttle 18 beads , than it can't go wrong.)

Put paperclip on thread and now it belongs to you how to go on. You can do the chains with reversed tatting, then you don't reverse your work so in the pattern I don't say RW, it is up to you.

1 Ch: 3Ds,set,3Ds.
2 R: 3Ds,set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,1Ds,-,1Ds,--- ,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,3Ds.
3 Ch: as 1
4 R: as 2
5 Ch: as 1
6 R: as 2
7 Ch: as 1 and than join the picot on the paperclip.
8 SR: 3Es set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,3Ds / 3Ds,set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---,1Ds,-,1DS,set,3Ds.
9 Sr: as 8
10 SR: as 8
11 Ch: setwithout bead, set without bead as much as you need.

I hope that you like the pattern. The set is really 5 first half and 5 second half , Jane works with 4 first half and 4 second half. If it doesn't work, Email me. r.surtel@home.nl

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Created April 8, 2004
Revised May 29, 2003