Riet Surtel's Picot Challenge

Shared by Riet Surtel, Netherlands
Riet has done this demonostrative version of an inward picot which Sue Hanson has indicated is different from the NIP although equally effective. To see the inward picot also known as the NIP named by Priscilla Ine-Orubite Jack of Nigeria. To see her and beautiful work please visit Sue Hanson's websitehttp://freespace.virgin.net/bo.hanson/afritat/afritat.html

The doily starts with a SCMR, take two colors and two shuttles start the SCMR as normal

First round: 3---1 vsp 1---3-3-1--1---1--1-3- do this 4 times in total and close your SCMR.

The part :---1 vsp 1--- is the double inside picot, what is explaned by the pictures.

Second round: climb out with mock picot ch 16 ---1 vsp 1--- 2-1--1---1--1-2 ---1 vsp 1--- 16 + (join on the single picot of the first round ) 4-4+(on the next single picot of first round ) repeat this 2 times , than repeat the first part ( the big chane ) than a split chain of 3/3 climb out with mock picot.

Third round: Ch 5-10 SS r3-3 cl r, SS ch14+ (join on first picot of group of from former round) SS ch 10 - 10 9 THIS PICOT IS TRICKY , IT IS NOT A NORMAL, BUT I MADE A KNOT IN THE CORD THREAD, THE BLUE ONE, THAN ANOTHER KNOT JUST 8 MM AFTER THE FIRST KNOT + join on the last picot of the group SS 14 SS r 3-3 cl r SS 10-5 + (join on picot of small chain formrt rounf ) repeat this 3 times and take care to join after the first 5 ds on the picot from the former chain in the last part also join on the picot of the first part.

I hope you understand this pattern:)

For the special picots
Picture 1 : make a long picot 1 ds and than a verry small picot

Picture 2 : put a crochet needle from from to back in the small picot, pick up the long picot and bring it down through the small one and than it looks like picture 3.

I didn't do that in the doily I did that in the butterflies I mail a picture in the doily look at

picture 4 you see : 1 long picot 1 verry small picot 1 long picot take the crotchet needle from front to back, pick up the first long picot, bring it down and again through the small picot from front to back and pick up the second long picot and bring it down tthroug the small picot.

In Picture 5 you see the result in the closed ring , can be the upper wing of a butterfly.

I hope it is clear for you all , if not email me.

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Created Sept 30, 2003
Revised Sept 24, 2005