Design by Riet Surtel
Diagram by Sabina Carden-Madden

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Begin by loading 50 beads to pink thread and 78 beads to the green thread (or the shuttle thread color of your choice that will make clover and butterfly motif at the center of the necklace).

Make a ring of 10 ds followed by 10 sets alternating the color of the chains to create the Zig Zag chain. To create the wave effect in the split rings do a shoelace trick at the completion of the ring and then load a bead from each shuttle thread before beginning the next split ring. Additional sets of Z-Chain or additional split rings can be added to extend the length of the necklace, be sure to increase the number of beads loaded appropriately.

At the 6th split ring, the clover and the butterfly is worked from the second side of the split ring, reverse the work add a bead at the beginning of the first single shuttle split ring, work one regular ring and the 2nd SSSR, pull up 5 beads and begin the 3rd SSSR as the head of the butterfly. Large picots create the antenae. Add noted bead or beads to the picots of the butterfly wings. Returning to the 3rd SSSR complete it's second side. Pull up 5 beads, complete second side of the 2nd SSSR. Make one regular ring and then complete second side of 1st SSSR. Complete second side of the split ring at the necklace center and work the second side of the necklace with split rings and Z-chain equal in length to the first side, finishing with one ring 10 ds.

Riet's Libel,the Dragonfly

Instructions for the SSSR (split chain method)

Jane Eborall's Frog Motif and Frog Earrings - Riet asks the question, can we do these frog's in one pass? Take a look...What technique(s) would we need to use to accomplish this? Riet will discuss her suggestions in class:)

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