Picture of Work on Display
Shuttlebirds Workshop, Spokane Washington

April 20 & 21, 2007
Pictures by Sabina Carden-Madden


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Pictures of the work presented on display for the theme contest and juried show.
Where possible I have given credit to the tatter who presented the work.
If you know who's work is in the picture for those not labeled, please let me know so I can properly add the tatter's name to the photo:)
(1)Greeted with a Floral Arbor
(2)Lily Morales' gorgeous Peter Cua Shuttles for sale at the beginning of the day Friday
(1)Karey Solomon,(2)Laruen Snyder, (3)Ruth Perry, (4)Mary Thiede
(1)Round Robin, including Katie Verna & Camilia Lambert, (2)Karey Solomon, (3)Mary Thiede - pot & Sherry Pence - Bfly
(1)Lillian DeLane, (2) ?, (3)Lauren Snyder, (4)Beth Ann Thompson
(1)Ebay find & 2nd bag tatted by Patti Duff's grandmother, (2)Jan Stanwasz, (3)Patti Markley
(1-4) Patti Duff
(1)?, (2)?, (3)Karen Miner
(1)Marlee Rockley,(2)?, (3)Jody Hoag, Acampo CA
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(1) Mary McCarthy - Black shawl I think (per Patti Duff). The white doily to the left of the shawl was another eBay find, Camelia Lambert - Blue star doily, Jennifer Caveney - Imprinted plate with tatting (2)Karen Miner

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Created April 30, 2007
Revised with more credits May 1, 2007