Tara's Bracelet Pattern
by Tara Hamilton ©2003

I purchased some semi-precious leopard skin jasper beads for earrings I was tatting and in the bead pack were chips. This got me thinking about what I could do with these chips. I didnít want to throw them out but chips are irregular in size and certainly not uniform. I decided to design a bracelet using these leopard skin jasper chips.

Techniques and symbols used:
Split Ring = S/R
Pearl Tatting
Weaverís Knot
Reverse Work = RW
Chain = Ch

Bracelet with semi-precious leopard skin chips

Close up view of chips Close up of seed bead ring

First you will need to pull off enough thread for length of bracelet then fold the thread in half.

S/R 10/10 Close

Add a third thread by using a weaverís knot and then add beads to create the seed bead ring. You will need to thread 3 seed beads on the top, 1 seed bead on the middle thread and 3 seed beads on the bottom. Then take a needle threader and hide the short end of the weaverís knot.

You will need to encapsulate the third thread and hide the short end created by the weaverís knot in the next S/R.

S/R 10/10

Now for the pearl tatting. Add a bead to the bottom thread.
Ch 6 (this can be adjusted for the size of the beads. (Use the middle thread as the working thread and the top thread as the ball thread.) RW
Add bead to bottom thread.
Ch 6 (Again using middle thread as working thread and top thread as ball thread). RW

Do this for the desired number of beads. For mine I used 3 beads or chips.

Then repeat with the S/R 10/10, Seed Bead Ring, S/R 10/10, and pearl tat using three beads or chips. Remember to continue to encapsulate your third thread until you reach the desired length. Cut and tie. Hide ends. Attach bracelet findings and youíre done!

Experiment and have fun! How many combinations can you come up with?

Special thanks to my friend, Carole S. for taking the digital pictures for me.

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Created Sept 2, 2003
Revised May 29, 2004