Valise Single Shuttle Edging Pattern
Pattern and Image 2005 Sabina Carden Madden

This pattern is dedicated to my friend and fellow tatter Val Smith. I made her the original piece in the form of a barrette sewn to a grey leather backing and sent to her while she was in the hospital. Thankfully she was able to enjoy it while still with us and pinned it to her BooBoo Bear. This bear is now on permanent display at the BANFF School of Fine Arts in Cananda in rememberance of Val. To share this pattern with everyone else I created this comb to teach at Shuttlebirds Workshop April 2005 and The Orange County Hedgehog Lacer - Lace In July 2005 as part of my Facets of Split Rings Lesson Series. This pattern will be made available mid July when I return from California.

Thread: Venus #360 (size 80)
Seed Beads: Size 15
Techniques: Single Shuttle Mignonette with Single Shuttle Split Ring Technique by Mathew Takeda for bridging

Pattern can be worked with ball and shuttle and needle too:)

Standard hair comb with ribbon wrapped and tatting sewn to the ribbon, NO GLUE. Valisa Pattern Notation in pdf format.

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Graphics watermarked with Digimarc & edited by Charles D. Madden


Created April 29, 2005 Revised December 21, 2005